Friday is for Contests!

After last week’s contest, I decided perhaps we should have a contest every Friday!  I’ll post on Friday mornings and leave submissions open until we get the maximum number of entrants or we hit midnight on Sunday.

This week’s contest is…drum roll please…for the first 250 words of your manuscript!

At this point, I’m still in search of an impartial judge.  However, I have decided that the prize will be a copy of one of my favorite books I’ve read this summer: This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  No autographed copy this time.  In fact, it will be a used copy.  Hey, a prize is a prize, right?  Plus, isn’t the real prize knowing you won?

Now, for details on how to enter.  Send an email to contest [at] kristidosh [dot] com with the subject CONTEST and the following in the body of the email:



First 250 words

That’s it!  I’ll respond to your email and let you know if you’ve made it into the contest or not.  If you send one word over 250, you’re disqualified.

I’ll take the first 10 entries up until midnight on Sunday.  I’ll post Monday morning for comments.  The winner will be announced by next Thursday.  I’ll attempt to find an impartial judge, because I know I’ll fall in love with them all.

If there are any questions, please post them in the comments.

Ready, set, go…

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