Taylor Mercer (Part 2)

You can catch Part 1 of this character here.

As a little girl, I dreamed of my wedding day. My dress would be so big they’d have to cram it into the limo. The bridesmaids would wear pink and carry white roses. Four tiers of cake would greet my guests, complete with tiny pink roses.

Now I’m all grown up, and I hate roses. I’m not a huge fan of pink either. I’m too old for a gown that billows around me while I pretend I’m Cinderella for a day. Oh, and I’m not getting married, because the groom is gone. Continue reading “Taylor Mercer (Part 2)”

Taylor Mercer (Part 1)

I’ve heard you have to know yourself before anyone else can.

It’s bullshit.

I firmly believe it takes seeing yourself through another’s eyes to be self-aware.  Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find someone who knows us better than we know ourselves.  If we’re really lucky, that person loves what they find.

Call that person what you will – soul mate or maybe better half – but finding that person is how you discover yourself.  It happens every day, all over the world.  That connection is more pure, more honest, than any other in your lifetime.  But what happens when it’s severed?  When you wake up to find that person is gone? Continue reading “Taylor Mercer (Part 1)”