A number of characters reside on this page.  Most of them are characters who I have no place for in any of my current manuscripts, but a couple are characters from my works-in-progress. 

You can find all of the entries for each character by clicking on their name below or on the right-hand side of the page under Categories.  Here’s the lineup right now:

Reed Callaway: twenty-something attorney with a lot of dating misadventures.  She thinks there’s nothing a glass of wine won’t cure.  She’s annoyed when her best friend Aubrey puts her up on an online dating website, but she can’t seem to make herself cancel the membership. 

Mike Rivers: early thirties single professional who has just relocated to Savannah.  He’s become somewhat of a womanizer after a personal tragedy, but then he meets a girl in a bar one night and can’t get her out of his head.

Melanie Clark: a thirteen-year-old girl who has moved to a new school district just in time for her first year of high school.  She’s excited to try out for the school softball team until she meets the “mean girls” who seem to be a lock for the final roster.

Taylor Mercer: a thirty-something who is struggling to find herself after the loss of her longtime boyfriend.

Jackson Calhoun*: a nice guy who thought he’d met his match when he met Savannah “Savvy” Davis in a bar seven years ago.  There was no doubt in his mind that she was The One, and he’s finally saved up enough money for a ring.  Then the sweet girl next door moves them into a posh new condo and buys an expensive red convertible, leaving him to wonder if he knows her at all anymore. 

Savannah “Savvy” Davis*: up for partner at her law firm, Savvy loves her live-in boyfriend, Jackson Calhoun, but she can’t seem to make him undestand that she needs to concentrate on work right now.  When her handsome colleague, Simon, starts charming his way into her office every night, it’s all Savvy can do to resist the temptation.

*Jackson and Savvy are not just characters on the blog.  They’re the two main characters in my manuscript NOT IN THE PLANS.  You can check out more on it here.

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